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Brian Christopher Interview: Writing From Aboard the Carnival Magic

We ask the world’s leading casino content creator a few quick questions about his plans for 2023

Brian BC Slots

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing casino influencer Brian Christopher of For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years and don’t know Brian, I can assure you that he is a pretty big deal in the casino world!

Brian is perhaps most known for his fun and entertaining videos where he heads to different casinos and films himself playing slot machines, giving us viewers a sneak peek into his experiences. He’s got a huge following on social media and millions of views of his videos, and thanks to his organic reach, Brian has won gambling awards and also attracted the attention of world-leading brands who want to partner with him.

Right now, Brian is on a Carnival Magic with his 157 fans (how cool is that!?). Check out one of his latest YouTube videos from where he’s playing slots with Marco:

All in all, Brian is an incredibly impressive entrepreneur whose team of talented people produce some of the best casino content out there.

I got the opportunity to ask Brian a few questions to understand what he’s up to in 2023 and learn more about his most recent BC Slots ventures.

First of all, congrats on your success! I just checked and you have 1.3M followers across FB, YouTube, and Instagram, which is insane!

BC. Thanks! We’re up to 1.5M including Tiktok as well!

That’s impressive! Did you ever think you would reach such a vast audience with your content?

BC. Never! I never had a plan for this to pan out this way, nor did I ever dream that this could become a career. It has surprised everyone including myself.

Last year you partnered with Gaming Arts to build Pop’N Pays More. In the press release, you mentioned that your fans have been asking for this sort of game for a while. What has been the response from the fans? Do you have plans for any new games in Vegas or online in 2023?

BC. Our fans are absolutely loving the game. In fact, I’m on a Carnival Cruise right now as I write this, and it has been impossible for me to get on my slot machine as there’s always people playing all three of them. We hope to continue our success of this game into another one in the future. Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More is now live in 13 States, 40 casinos on 3 cruise ships!

Tell me about your Carnival’s Casino live streams. In a video, I watched from December (entitled “rising up big bonuses”) you play for 30 minutes, and the video has 90k views already. What is it about these videos that make people love them so much? And how are they treating you on these cruises? It must be amazing being an influencer for Carnival Cruise!

BC. It’s quite exciting to be the exclusive partner for Carnival Corp for casinos. On board I currently have 540 fans joining us this trip, which represents about 15% of those on the cruise! It’s an incredible feeling, and it’s amazing to be able to spend a whole week with them. It gives them a chance to see me play and film, but also to hang out with me and get to know me better.

“I think the next biggest things for casinos will be cashless slot machines and tables”

Brian Christopher

All of our fans who sign up on our site ( get an introductory offer including free drinks in the casino, $50 in freeplay, free upgrades, and more. So yes, they take very good care of us. On board, I also host two giant parties for everyone with free cocktails and appetizers, as well as a slot tournament and mega group pull.

Your latest news is centered around creating a smoke-free gaming environment – which I totally agree with. What prompted you to campaign for a healthier casino floor?

BC. I’ve never been one to shy away from something I believe in. When only 13% of the population smokes, it no longer makes sense that 100% of people should be forced to breathe in these harmful chemicals. I have made this pledge for myself, my staff, my fans, and the staff at casinos and future generations. Those people coming of age to gamble now have never been in a smoking building before in their entire lives. They don’t want to be there, nor can you expect them to work in that environment either.

You are building a portfolio of brands with BC Ventures – what’s in the pipeline for the next coming years? Do you see a gap in the market for new games or products?

BC. We will continue to lead the way for promoting casinos both in casinos and online, showcasing the newest and most exciting products. I think the next biggest things for casinos will be cashless slot machines and tables. They have not been that exciting thus far, and need to become simplified for ease.

Slot Manufacturers keep wanting to increase the size of games and innovate newer physical games all the time. As a player, we really could care less if a new game comes out on a RX204 Max Cabinet (made that up haha) or not. We just want a good engaging game to enjoy. They need to focus more on the content.

Finally, any tips for someone starting out in the iGaming and gambling content space?

It is SO expensive. I’ve seen numerous channels start and fail because they ran out of money. Less than 1% of YouTube channels make a living out of it, and that doesn’t take into account slot channels that have to pour thousands of dollars into it. So only film what you can afford to lose, and do it for the fun of it. There’s always room for more in this niche, so just be yourself, do the best you can do, and don’t lose your shirt along the way.

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